Beaches in Ustka are famous for soft, golden sand and unique properties of air full of iod.

The secret of popularity lies in hydrothermal pillow. According to Institute of Balneology and Physical Medicine here is a unique, almost ideal clarity of air. As a result of temperature difference between water and air above the port canal such a hydrothermal pillow is created .

A visit to the eastern beach is just a must for anyone holidaying in Ustka. That is here where streches a beautiful promenade. In the summer it is full of hustle and bustle due to numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as colourful souvenir stalls. At any time of the year you can find pedetrians. It is also the part of the coastline highly endangered by stormy waves, but what a view it is! Just then the iod concentration in the air reaches its high. And after storm packs of amber collectors appear, why not join them…

Western beach is less crowded and there is no problem to find a spot for yourself, even on hot days.

Paths to the beach lead through fragrant pine woods.Such a pleasant and healthy walk takes about 10 minutes from a populated area. But the beach repays its lowers by its natural beauty.

Holidaymakers from the east side can take a boat across the canal or have a picturesque walk over a pedestrian bridge.

Beaches in Ustka are renowned for their safety na cleanliness. Our town has been placed among the best and cleanest sea resorts on Polish coastline for years.

Always close to public toilets placed along the beaches.

Paradise for Children

Every kid will easily spot enormous air-pumped objects and trampolines. And a real hit on Polish coastline: a beach kindergarten…

Sport on the beach

Just right at the promenade you will see beachball pitches, lightened after dark, water equipment rentals, water scooters, why not to have a try on a speedy “banana”

Fish after sunbath

All you can think about to eat or drink is on offer here on the promenade. Fast foods, fried fish, kebab, pizza, any flavour of icecream and gofres (kind of pancakes) and surely Ustka beach delicacy – fingertips. Not to mention sausages smartly served from a kind of grill fixed on the vendor’s belly

Sea Fishing

Sailing on a real fisherman boat (adapted for tourists needs) to go seafishing is an unforgetable experience,index.php

Slowinski National Park

Unspoilt nature, unique moving dunes, V1 launches, crystal clear water, picturesquebeaches, scentiful woods, walking paths, Rowokol Mountain, Czolpino lighthouse are just a few of attractions to satisfy the greediest tastes.

Musem of Sloviens Village

One of the best Polish folk musems. You will see horses’ shoes, black wedding, sloviens huts, taste local delicacies, purchase handicrafts.

To Bornholm

Cruise to Swedish Bornholm islad has been a unique attraction for Ustka holidaymakers


Just here, in Ustka known as a Pearl of Baltic you will see these wonders made by nature and human. Each has something charming and unique.

Cycle Paths

We offer bikes to rent and visit Ustka neighbourhoods. Old rail roads, country lanes and forest paths are marked and attract more and more tourists willing to relax actively.

Canoeing Rally along Slupia River

Bored with every day sunbathing and baths in the sea? 15 kilometre canoeing rally along Slupia river from Bydlino to Ustka takes only 3,5 hrs but impression lasts for much longer…